Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So Very New At This!

Here I am, starting a blog when I just found out blogs existed maybe two weeks ago but they have opened the door to a new and exciting way of life to explore. I love seeing peoples pictures, hearing about their day, seeing how they decorate their homes, having them share their time and day with me (a stranger). In a world where so many of us are transplanted away from family and childhood friends, where even the landscape is not the familiar, it is a treat to find new "friends" on line that share from their hearts and home and throw open the door and say "sit a spell and I'll tell you a story and make you feel home. That is what I want to do, too. I've been around a few years, moved throughout several states, found a treasure or two at cheap prices, learned a thing or two that I would love to share with you about the good life, bargains and whatever pops in my head. I will learn to take pictures and offer you a bargain or two. Please come visit when you can and watch me grow!