Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall At Home Part Two!

I know it must be confusing when I do two posts in one evening but I don't know why I can't download more than 5 photos at once. Does anyone know the answer?

I am glad you came by to visit and if you came by twice to catch both of these posts, well, I am just twice as glad.

I love to read your comments and suggestions. They are a help to me!

Thanks for coming by!

New Booth JPC and Home In The Fall!

Hmmmm, looks like I can only put so many pictures on this post and I'll have to save the other ones for a later post. I think you can tell which ones are of the new smaller booth area at Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove, NC and which ones are taken around the house.

I think I need to tweak a lot more before I'll be satisfied. My problem (or one of them that I am willing to admit at the moment) is that I like such varied things: old crocks, beautiful hand blown glass, new pottery, pine cones, real pumpkins, fake pumpkins, candles, candlesticks, real leaves, real wheat, real acorns, silver pumpkins, blown glass pumpkins, copper bowls, brass bowls, Longabergerger baskets, old broken and tattered baskets, old and new many choices and I can't figure out how to blend them or just stick to one theme. Helppppppppp!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Sale At Pinnacle Elementary School, Me?


I have been trying to get a picture of me on my postings but no luck so I'm sticking it here to see if that works:) I want you to know it's me if our paths cross in this big/small world.

This is a news flash: I am setting up at a big inside sale tomorrow at a local elementary school. The PTO rented out tables (I have 3) to people so that we can set up in the gym and sell our goodies. My husband carried in about 9 tubs of "stuff" and 5 boxes plus a couple bags. I divided it price table is your choice $1 each. Hmmmm, wonder if that will be the first one to go. On another table each item is $10 each and this is some new Waverly valances and gently used Vera Bradley purses and then the "upper floor" table with Longaberger baskets and Jim Shore figurines $25 and up. It will be interesting. I haven't done this in my yard, yes but to take it all somewhere else and have to start at 7 am (that is the part I don't like the most) I just haven't pulled it off in ages.

You know when it rains it pours? Yesterday evening I had a call from Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove with another booth open for me. I gathered things together for there and went over first thing this morning and had fun putting together another booth. Come see it if you are in the area.....mostly yellows, browns and ivory items to celebrate know I will change it in a couple weeks. I want to add an old kitchen cabinet and fill it with old treasured yellow ware and the like.

Thanks for coming to visit with me today. Please hope with me that tomorrow is worth the work and that somehow, in someway I make somebody's day brighter.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Open House Pilot Mountain Peddlers

It official, we are ready to celebrate fall with an open house tomorrow evening, Friday, September 17th from 4 pm - 9 pm. The store will be closed all day until 4 pm while it is being stocked and tweaked and made ready for you to shop till you drop. I share a booth there with Shari (Homespun and Primitives) and I am including pictures of our space which by no means does justice to Shari's handmade pumpkins, dolls, wood creations, etc. If you are anywhere close to Pilot Mountain, NC (or as Andy Griffith called it Mount Pilot), show up, bring a can of food or two to help the less fortunate and treat yourself to a night out.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tamarack , Tomato Sandwich and An Idea or Two

I want to show you a few wreaths I purchased in WV. A woman there grows her own flowers and dries them and forms into wreaths and then sales them to Tamarack (the craft and art center in Beckley, WV) where they promptly double the price and sell to the public. This center aggravates some people because the artist only gets 50% but it has also allowed many talented West Virginians to make a modest living doing what they love. It is right beside the turnpike (I 77) in Beckley and if you get the chance do stop and look around. You will see everything in the world from homemade jelly to quilts and fine art, handblown glass, carved wood figures and on and on plus first class food is available from world renown Greenbriar.

You will also see a bittersweet wreath made by my friend Lesa who had a wonderful booth at the festival that I showed you. She does the most unusual and neatest creative things.

And a picture of a bench made out of a bed.....interesting, huh?

And two tomatoes.....last of the season......would sure like to share with you.

I thank you for your comments and helpful hints. I'm always glad when you come to visit.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Finding New Places To Shop And Enjoy Part 2

If you missed Part 1 please take a look at it! Lots of pictures to enjoy!

Finding New Places To Shop And Enjoy

While I was in West Virginia my daughter and I found a really new shop between Oak Hill and Fayetteville, WV. The shop hasn't been open long and had some outstanding treasures. Take a look and see what you think....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Craft Festival West Virginia Style Part 2

I promised to share a few more picture with you from the festival. I cannot figure out how to label each photo (oh, that I could). You will see Lesa, the extraordinary craftsperson and friend that designed her booth and made her goodies by hand! Enjoy seeing her work.