Friday, August 5, 2011

August at Pilot Mountain Peddlers

Today I dropped off a few items to my booth at Peddler's. It was pouring a rain that was not announced by the weather forecasters and after all the days of heat it felt so good.

I was delighted when I walked in the door....Tammy, the owner, had been working her magic. I carried in my stuff and put it down. I couldn't begin to work until I saw every nook and cranny she had decorated. I was entranced. I always am.....she takes the ordinary and not so ordinary and turns it to this angle and that angle adds an eye catcher and I am amazed and I bought. What fun. I must have shopped an hour and then I worked 30 minutes and walked back through to see what I missed seeing on that first round. I only took pictures of my space and the front window. She may want to keep a surprise or two for you.

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