Sunday, November 21, 2010

Open House My House Part Two!!

In a perfect world where I knew what I was doing when blogging I would have been able to put both of these blogs into one post but I don't so I didn't. I hope you will go back and read the post before this one so get the full story:)

I invited friends over to shop.....5-7 on Friday evening and 2-4 on Saturday afternoon, this is never carved in stone. People came Thursday morning and Thursday evening and after 7pm on Friday and throughout on Saturday. I serve hot tea or chocolate and homemade cookies and brownies and we just have a good time. Some people stay ten minutes and some stay two hours. Some people dig and shop and walk in circles 3 or 4 times and others just glance and pick up what they want.

I love my home being filled with women laughing and telling stories and having a good time. The house echoes their voices for days and my mind and heart flood with the good memories.


  1. well I hope you were able to sell lots of your you can buy more..glad you had a great asked me in my post what a ward dinner was..we have so many people in our church..that we divide it up into different we have 3 different wards that go to our church at different we can accomodate everyone that comes..and once a month we do a ward dinner with our group of folks..I hope this answers it for you.;) have a wonderful week ahead.:)

  2. You have my number, I buy to sell to buy:) Thanks for explaining the dinners, I think that is a wonderful idea. Good food, good people and good fellowship, can't beat it, can we??