Thursday, December 2, 2010

Is There Something Special About A Simple Christmas?

Hmmmmm, I am wondering and I wonder if you are wondering too? At Christmas, maybe more than any other time of the year, is there something special about keeping it very simple, very natural? What about real pine with a few real pine cones thrown in? Did you know you can go to nearly any real Christmas tree lot and they will GIVE you all the branches you want that they have cut off the bottom of trees? I've been doing it for nearly 40 first out of necessity and then out of love! I make boughs and tie with a pretty ribbon or fill an old rusted bucket or a huge basket on the front porch.....add some Magnolia branches and berries and voila.....even a florist can't beat it and oh, the scent. Heaven.

Last year a friend told me all she put on her tree was white lights and under it?? Just old toys (unwrapped). Keeping it simple she said.

I've been dragging out tubs of Christmas decorations this year but have decided to sell most. They just don't make my heart rejoice. I saw a post this Fall on Nester's blog and the only thing on the dining table was a dough bowl full of pine cones. The picture has haunted me for months.

Simple decorations, real not plastic or silk or twinkly or showy (no judgment here), a lit candle, some traditional Christmas music. I don't know about you (but I would like to) but it calls my heart to a simpler and perhaps for me a more spiritual time.


  1. Terri, I too have been thinking about how to simplify things this year. I'm trying to rethink the whole decor thing. I want to focus on smaller areas, like the centerpiece or the mantle, and leave the rest of the room alone.
    I like your idea of using a lot of natural materials to decorate and am trying to figure out ways to incorporate more of that and less of the other.

  2. Hi Terri, thanks for visiting my blog. The painting in that photo is by an artist named D. Vanni. It's a folk art piece.