Sunday, January 23, 2011

Moving Around At Antique Malls!

I am at it again! I put a ton of reduced items into one of my largest booths at Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove. I stuck big signs on strategic places saying "Everything in this booth is marked down to $10 and under". That got some attention. So I decided to try this for the next week. The signs now read everything in this booth marked $10 and under is now 1/2 price. That means that things that were $20 got marked to $10 and now are $5. I am excited to go back on Tuesday to see if the buyers enjoyed this. I hope so. There are some great values and the following Tuesday I will be moving out of that booth and the less stuff I have to move the happier I will be. I will still have my two booths there plus walls and bookcases. It keeps things interesting and keeps me hopping. I think how excited I use to get when I sold real estate and managed the office and I tell you as rinky-dink as this must seem to some people, there are days that I truly enjoy it just as much as real estate.

I have cleared out all of the winter items at Pilot Mountain Peddlers in Pilot Mountain and brought out some different treasures. A totally different look. And King Antique Mall in King? I bought two more cases and have turned that space all around. Getting ready for a big sale there.

If you are in NC somewhere fairly close to Winston-Salem, please come visit my spaces and make yourself at home. Have some fun as the memories flood back and touch your heart when you see all of the old treasure that abound at all three malls.


  1. wow wish you would post your goodies on your blog for us to see and buy.;)

  2. I wish I was better with a camera and I would for sure. Some of my pictures are too fuzzy to post. I'll keep trying. Thank for stopping by.

  3. I still want to come visit, but with all this bad weather and Christmas, I have not gotten there yet. Good luck with your sale. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Surely the weather will break soon and you can come by the malls.