Wednesday, September 29, 2010

New Booth JPC and Home In The Fall!

Hmmmm, looks like I can only put so many pictures on this post and I'll have to save the other ones for a later post. I think you can tell which ones are of the new smaller booth area at Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove, NC and which ones are taken around the house.

I think I need to tweak a lot more before I'll be satisfied. My problem (or one of them that I am willing to admit at the moment) is that I like such varied things: old crocks, beautiful hand blown glass, new pottery, pine cones, real pumpkins, fake pumpkins, candles, candlesticks, real leaves, real wheat, real acorns, silver pumpkins, blown glass pumpkins, copper bowls, brass bowls, Longabergerger baskets, old broken and tattered baskets, old and new many choices and I can't figure out how to blend them or just stick to one theme. Helppppppppp!

1 comment:

  1. how about a bigger booth.:) I love all the stuff you have..and that is a hard one to group it all..maybe modern with modern and vintage with vintage..;)