Friday, September 24, 2010

Sale At Pinnacle Elementary School, Me?


I have been trying to get a picture of me on my postings but no luck so I'm sticking it here to see if that works:) I want you to know it's me if our paths cross in this big/small world.

This is a news flash: I am setting up at a big inside sale tomorrow at a local elementary school. The PTO rented out tables (I have 3) to people so that we can set up in the gym and sell our goodies. My husband carried in about 9 tubs of "stuff" and 5 boxes plus a couple bags. I divided it price table is your choice $1 each. Hmmmm, wonder if that will be the first one to go. On another table each item is $10 each and this is some new Waverly valances and gently used Vera Bradley purses and then the "upper floor" table with Longaberger baskets and Jim Shore figurines $25 and up. It will be interesting. I haven't done this in my yard, yes but to take it all somewhere else and have to start at 7 am (that is the part I don't like the most) I just haven't pulled it off in ages.

You know when it rains it pours? Yesterday evening I had a call from Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove with another booth open for me. I gathered things together for there and went over first thing this morning and had fun putting together another booth. Come see it if you are in the area.....mostly yellows, browns and ivory items to celebrate know I will change it in a couple weeks. I want to add an old kitchen cabinet and fill it with old treasured yellow ware and the like.

Thanks for coming to visit with me today. Please hope with me that tomorrow is worth the work and that somehow, in someway I make somebody's day brighter.


  1. Oh Terri, you are must take some photos of your sale tomorrow..and of your new booth...I love longaberger but don't have the parties anymore..did buy one at a garage sale in July for a whopping $5.00..retail $80.00..gotta love bargains like that..what are you offering in your longaberger..I always love a good bargain.;) have fun tomorrow.:)

  2. OOH, Post a picture of your pretty booth so we can all see! :-)

  3. Terri, I loved seeing your pretty picture and putting a name with a face. Now I will know who to look for when I come to see you at Just Plain Country. Good luck with your sale on Saturday. I would have come, but I have to go to the birthday party of the little boy that I Nanny for. I'll get to Walnut Cove soon, I hope. Love & blessings from NC!