Friday, September 10, 2010

Tamarack , Tomato Sandwich and An Idea or Two

I want to show you a few wreaths I purchased in WV. A woman there grows her own flowers and dries them and forms into wreaths and then sales them to Tamarack (the craft and art center in Beckley, WV) where they promptly double the price and sell to the public. This center aggravates some people because the artist only gets 50% but it has also allowed many talented West Virginians to make a modest living doing what they love. It is right beside the turnpike (I 77) in Beckley and if you get the chance do stop and look around. You will see everything in the world from homemade jelly to quilts and fine art, handblown glass, carved wood figures and on and on plus first class food is available from world renown Greenbriar.

You will also see a bittersweet wreath made by my friend Lesa who had a wonderful booth at the festival that I showed you. She does the most unusual and neatest creative things.

And a picture of a bench made out of a bed.....interesting, huh?

And two tomatoes.....last of the season......would sure like to share with you.

I thank you for your comments and helpful hints. I'm always glad when you come to visit.


  1. The wreaths are beautiful! I love that crafters and artsits have this venue to show and sell their creations!

  2. love the wreaths and that bench is cool too...we have green tomatoes..a lot of them..but no red ones.we have had maybe 4 ripe ones this whole was sad this year for anything..never had such a bad year as this one;( have a wonderful weekend.glad your weather is a bit nicer..I like your new "attitude"