Monday, September 6, 2010

Finding New Places To Shop And Enjoy

While I was in West Virginia my daughter and I found a really new shop between Oak Hill and Fayetteville, WV. The shop hasn't been open long and had some outstanding treasures. Take a look and see what you think....


  1. Your post printed twice, but they were each a little bit different. Glad you had a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Part one and two are all different pictures taken from the same store. For some reason I couldn't get them all on the same post and just split them up. I'm glad you all looked at both posts even though it was confusing:)

  3. I love the green cabinet! Wish I could have gone shopping with you!!

  4. This was such a neat shop, Mom. I hope the owners of the shop find your post and enjoy it. They really did a nice job with that store and you're right, between that store and Lisa's handiwork and you and your blog and your blog buddies... who knows, I could become a "primitives lover" before it's all over.

    Your pictures came out good from what I can tell and the woman who works there was sure nice. I hope anyone coming through WV stops by that shop--it's worth seeing.

    Love you,