Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caught Between Two Worlds

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Surely I am not the only one feeling the tug of Christmas just as I am beginning to enjoy Fall and knowing that 60 days from today it will be the day AFTER Christmas.

Most of you know I have booths in 4 antique and craft malls which keeps me hopping. Today I went to two of them and marked all the Fall/Halloween stuff way down and started putting Christmas in. Gee, I am not in the mood. Surely not everyone has had enough of Fall yet, bought every permanent (not fake) pumpkin, scarecrow, etc. already, have you? The Christmas music was playing and I am trying to think Christmas and make it pretty but really I would rather think orange a couple more weeks but the shop owners say it is time. So I am digging out Jim Shore, Hallmark, Handmade and you name it Christmas goodies, sequestering Fall into a tiny corner for another week at the shops and letting the show go on.

Please check out my other blog "Spiritual Inspiration" for more about being caught between two worlds:)

Thank you for stopping by to visit. Are you already thinking Christmas??

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  1. Hey Terri, I do go all out and decorate for christmas..and yes you will have to wait and see..;)I will probably decorate thanksgiving weekend..oh you were wondering about that murdered gal..she lived in Greensboro North Carolina..and you know the funny thing..her blog showed up in my "blogfrog" last week..so I am wondering who is using her blog and how it came on my site..earrry and weird..her blog was windows to the pasthttp://windowspast.blogspot.com/.
    have a good one..and Love your fall/christmas decor.;) you must take photos of your booths..;)