Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Finding a Heart Friend??

I was headed in one direction with this post but it seems I hit a speed bump and had to change course. Who knows why?

We moved here 8 years ago to retire. We had lived in our house in WV for 11 years so it was a big deal to go through everything. It is such an emotional job to move as well as the physical work. Everything I touched brought back memories of so many people and times shared. Time passed and we got it done and the moving van showed up and then the second moving van had to show up. Seems that had underestimated how much stuff there was to load. Good thing the price was in writing.

I have moved many, many times. For years we flipped houses, trying to make money and keep getting better houses. It was a plan and now looking back on it I wonder just how wise it really was. We have friends that have been in the same house for 30 years or have never moved. Their house is paid off, their furniture has not been handled by over zealous movers a dozen times. They know their neighbors back and forth. Their kids went to the same schools all their lives. I suppose there is something to be said for all of our choices in life. Pros and Cons.

This was the hardest move I have ever made. I am not sure exactly why. We took early retirement to move to North Carolina so there was no job waiting for either of us. We had one daughter still at home but she was in junior high and there was no interaction with other parents like you have in elementary school. Most of the people we met were deeply entrenched with their friends of 30 years and their families are in the area. We knew no one and the doors did not look open.

I did what I have always done. Went to yard sales. I started in Indiana in the 60's when a neighbor told me all about them. Furnished houses, clothed kids, got good stuff cheap and another benefit....I learned the area. I know where streets are and neighborhood names in 6 states:) Besides that, we joined a church, I got involved with Hospice. Now I know all sorts of folks. I cannot got anywhere without hearing someone say my name and waving to me or visiting for a few minutes. I love that, I need that. It took a couple years for that to happen and until it did I felt invisible wherever I went. So, it sounds like everything fell into place and I have every reason to be content, right? Wrong. The only part of my life that still has a hole in it is the part that is waiting for a "heart" friend.

Do you have one? That crazy friend that will giggle with you until you about wet your pants or cry with you until there are no tears left. You know the one that doesn't judge you, keeps every secret. She will tell you to come on over whether her house is clean or not and whether her hair is a mess or not. Every one has had one sometime in her life, haven't they? I have been here 8 years and I am still looking for her. It must be tons harder to find her when you are 62 than 21. It is for me. I have three girls, one is in college two hours from home and the other two life 300-1200 miles from me. They are wonderful friends but they are not here and after all they are my daughters.

How did you find your bosom buddy?

This is what was on my mind this evening. I would like to hear from you. I hope you enjoyed visiting with me and hearing my story. Now don't you fret over me not having this special friend. I have a wonderful life. I am full of joy, have a great marriage and am always up to some exciting adventure (in my book anyway). I have faith that she will show up just at the right moment and we'll catch up on all of our stories. In the meantime, I have you to visit me and for tonight, that is all I can ask for.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is so hard to find a "heart" friend and I know exactly what you mean. Once we get away from meeting and connecting with people at work, and for folks like me and you who have been nomads, and who aren't exactly social butterflies- it can be really really really hard. But I too know and have faith that a heart friend will come. Keep writing and sharing. I believe that is part of how it happens...