Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pilot Mountain Peddlers and Watermelon

Don't you love living in a place where there is an old torn cardboard sign at the end of a dirt road that says "watermelons for sale"? I really do. I drove down the lane and took a picture of the wagon with the melons. Each one had been priced with a magic marker. Tomatoes were 6/$1.00 and potatoes (maybe 3-4 lbs) were $1.00. How can you beat that. It was the honor system with a jar right beside the wagon to put your money in.

I wish I could sell antiques and old stuff that way. I went to a yard sale one time. The wife had gotten sick and her husband was running it. He put an empty coffee can out in the garage, cut a hole in the lid and just told all of us to take what we wanted and put whatever it was worth to us in the can. I think most people paid more than normal, he was just so overwhelmed yet kind.

After hitting about 5 yard sales and finding a couple small treasures, I headed to Pilot Mountain Peddlers where Shari (from Homespun and Primitives) and I share a booth. I tried to take a couple pictures. The flash worked but uh, from looking at them I think it was a delayed reaction. Some pictures are in our booth others are from up front in the store. There is going to be an Open House in September. I can't wait. It is always such fun, the place is buzzing with excited gals and the refreshments are homemade and yummy. Dates will follow and I hope you can drop by then or anytime.

Anyone hunting for old crocks, old boxes, old anything? I may have it and I am in the mood to sell cheap. All it takes to get me there is to work in the garage a few days!!

Here's hoping we can all tell something from these pictures. I am getting embarrassed to keep trying. I don't know if I need a new camera, new batteries every time I click the button or simply a new photographer.

Enjoy your weekend. Fall is coming.....


  1. Your pictures look fine to me. Those watermelons look good. And I like the honor system for selling them. Glad you had a great day. Sounds like you found some treasures yard saling today. You are busy with 2 booth spaces to look after. Love & blessings from NC!

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  4. You still have your old crocks? I am always looking for crocks both for me and for my shop.
    I also like old boxes.

  5. Hey Jen, Do I still have old crocks and old boxes, I surely do. Plus old linens, quilts, glassware, dishes, Christmas stuff and the list goes on and on. I am ready to let a lot of it go for what I paid for it years ago. Also some old furniture.....white china cabinet, etc. I'm getting older and want to simplify and downsize and my booths can only hold so much. You may email me if you want at

    Thanks for your interest and your visit to my blogs:)