Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Puzzle Pieces Fitting Together

I started posting and creating this blog just a few weeks ago kind of as a lark. I was checking a new friend's blog and a pop up happened and asked if I would like to start a blog. Without a thought other than to check and double check to see if it was "free" I began filling in the blanks. The name was one I had used for my antique shop years ago in West Virginia. It was instantly accepted and before you know it I had a published post. Easy. Then I started reading other peoples posts and found out I could add pictures. Through my gritted teeth and making mistake after mistake and driving my grown girls crazy as well as computer smart friends I learned to use my 5 year old camera on line and post pictures. I was loving it, I became addicted. I could spend an hour or two just reading your posts, getting to know you. I love your stories. I love that blogs force us to see, to acknowledge, that we are so much more alike than we are different. Won't that in turn cause us to love each other more? Isn't that what everything is about? As I read and mulled over everything you were saying, I started feeling that small inner nudge. You know the one. The gentle voice that says "can you do more?", and the the reassuring voice that says "I will lead you, help you, just do it!". God speaks to us in so many ways. I always know when I hear the Voice that I am going to follow the call but I always also waste time and energy arguing that I am not good enough, wise enough, etc. But God reminded me that we each have a unique voice and unique ears and though yes, everything has been said before sometimes we hear it better if it is said in the voice that we can hear.

My hope is that my stories will remind you of something you already know spiritually. I believe that we are all born knowing spiritual truths and when we to hear other people share we are reminded of what we already know deep within ourselves.

I will continue this blog also. It is a part of who I am too, I just feel called to give the other part of me a voice. Visit me either place, anytime......I'll be waiting for you.


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