Thursday, August 5, 2010

Making Money!!

I am a type A personality and it seems my mind is always going full throttle. I am in four antique malls and that keeps me pretty busy. I need to have a garage sale just as soon as it cools down enough to stay in the seventies. There is a consignment auction happening at the auction house down the road from me. I am going to pick up some items from the malls and take to him to sell. Auctions really unnerve me. There is no guarantee of what anything can sell for. You really need at least two people wanting something to have a chance of it going for a fair market value. The auctioneer was telling me that the only thing that seems to be moving at his auctions these days is old coins and old farm tools and I have neither. My husband is all for us "gambling" and taking whatever we get get for our junk (he says) and I say treasures. So as usual, we will meet in the middle and I will take a few things and test the water. An old wood tool box (or blanket chest)not sure which to call it but if tool boxes are selling:), and I have a like new rocking horse that nays like a real pony. I'll just grab some bigger things that are taking up room and have had their chance of selling in a controlled setting and just didn't sell for some reason or another.

I'm even thinking about selling again on Ebay. I did it years ago when I was a Longaberger basket consultant. I sold enough baskets to put hardwood flooring in the house we were living in. I read a really neat blog last night that got me motivated to do that again. She had bought a pair of vintage panties for fifty cents at Goodwill or somewhere like that. She put them on Ebay and they sold for $150.00. Wow, just think what my junk (treasures) might bring.

I was a Realtor and I used to joke that one of these days the earth was going to tilt further on it's axis because we all had too much stuff in our closets. Why don't we do something about it? We all can use the money, people are needing our stuff, we need to pay off our debts. We can have a garage sale, try an auction, try Ebay or we could do the "old-fashioned" thing and donate it. Knowing that as we give, we receive. Knowing that we have too much and our brother might just be waiting for the shirt off our back.


  1. I am slowly, but surely weeding out stuff in my house that I don't need or use. I just have too much stuff. I am excited about getting to come to your shop. That will be so much fun!

  2. you might want to check out Etsy too..they are good..I love longaberger..used to do the parties all the a magazine basket dated 1988 or 9 for $5.00...just about 3 weeks ago..that was a sweet find.:) already have am looking to sell it...Not sure..cause I can always use it..thanks for stopping by...have a wonderful weekend..:) and you will so love this blogging thing..I have met so many wonderful people and won alot of giveaways too..:) my whole house is being furnished with giveaways and swaps.:)

  3. I am glad to hear from you two! Thank you for the encouragement and for stopping by for a visit.

    Melinda, please let me know when you have been to Just Plain Country and if you really enjoyed yourself and found some bargains. I'm excited to check out Sandford.