Monday, August 2, 2010

Bring on the Pumpkins!!

I am ready for Fall......when I was at Just Plain Country the other day several of the vendors had their booths completely changed to Fall decor and I was loving it. I headed into my garage yesterday and started pulling treasures off the shelves. I have handmade pumpkins from West Virginia, handmade folk art flowers from North Carolina and dozens of pumpkins in different fabrics....even some glass ones, beautiful fabric, candles, gourds of every shape and color, signs, fall silk flowers or dried ones. I was getting happy just touching the things as I placed them in baskets to be priced. Tomorrow I am headed to Primitive Peddlers in Pilot Mountain, NC to put a few things out and add that wonderful Fall color to the antiques and primitives that are already there. The monthly car show is coming this Saturday and that is when the crowds check out the store to see what is new. If you are in the area, please check it out and let me know what you think.

For over 20 years I have gone to an art and craft festival in West Virginia. It is an amazing show with artisans from several states and the entire building is filled to the brim with autumn and Christmas handmade treasures. Some of the crafts people I have known for a very long time and admire their work so much. I don't know about you but when I get around that much creativity in one place I get higher than a kite:) I am amazed at what men and women can create out of a little of this and that and time and determination. My Mother was always sewing something when I was growing up and even though I don't have her talent, to touch a quilt or pick up any quality hand made item brings me close to her once again.

I think it reminds me of a simpler time when what was made by hand was pretty much what we had and treasured. It is still what is dearest to my heart. I think of the good thoughts and prayers that went into them as they were created and I take comfort in having them close to me.

What does it do for you? Would you choose to spend a few hours looking at what people have made? What if it inspired you to change an entire room or your lifestyle? What if.......?


  1. I love craft fairs too! And my daughter is visiting in West Virginia at this very moment!

  2. West Virginia is a beautiful state and is still full of talented people who earn all of their income by using their hands and minds and I would add Spirit to making beautiful treasures. I am in NC, just about 2 hours from the WV state line. Are you close by?

    Thanks for stopping by to visit!

  3. Hi Terri, and thanks for the nice comment you left at my blog about my rag quilts! They can be purchased on my site at: To go directly to the page for my quilts and quilted goods, use this URL:

    Thanks so much! :-) Jodi, Autumn Comforts