Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Plain Country, A Bargain and Camera Lessons?

I woke up rearing to go this morning. I was a woman with a mission. Get over to Just Plain Country at Walnut Cove, take in a primitive "Christmas" tree, put white lights on it, decorate it with handmade black eyed Susans (by the hands of Shari at Homespun and Primitives. I did fine up to the part where I wanted to take a picture so I could show you the results of my efforts. My camera would not work. The batteries were dead again. I had taken one picture of the "roof" of the building so that you could see the original hardware sign and the JPC under it. Just in case you ever come to Walnut Cove, I wanted the building to look familiar. I went on to take pictures of all the goodies placed outside the building and then my tree. I noticed the camera was reallllly slow but hey the green light came on so I thought I was in business.

I was NOT. But hey, there are two pictures of a huge basket of eucalyptus that I got at a garage sale a couple weeks ago for $2. I had wanted to include that with a post I did way back then but it didn't happen. Today it did.

So, I have 2 pictures of the cheap basket and one of a sign and unless I am surprised that is it. I have had better photo days. To tell you the truth the tree didn't look all that great anyway. Nothing to brag about or show off so maybe it was divine intervention that the camera didn't work:) The tree was another garage sale "bargain" and was shedding a few limbs as I worked with it. Shari's flowers did look beautiful though. You should check them out on her site....if you can't find them just holler. It will be the blind leading the blind for the most part but I can find my way to her blog most of the time. I love her stuff, Professionally done and that is with a capital P.

The rest of my day: I worked in the garage for an hour (trying to do that everyday) digging all the Fall stuff out to sell and organizing Christmas stuff. I have forgotten half the stuff that is there. I don't have a clue what I paid for it so never quite sure I make a profit.....well, sometimes I have a pretty good idea.

I bought a box of peaches from the produce market, the owner told me there was 17 lbs in there and sold them to me 1/2 price because of bumps and bruises. I have never done this before but today was the day to try. I peeled, sugared and lemon juiced (just like the guy on the website said to do) oh and sliced and then put them in bags in the freezer. If I have learned to use my camera any better by January and I am ready to make a peach cobbler, I will take a picture and show you.

Some days it just feels good to laugh at my life and realize it could have been a whole lot worse and not anguish about how much better it might have been.

Thank you for visiting with me today and every day that you come by. Reading your comments always brightens my day.


  1. Sounds like you were a busy gal today! Hope your peaches turned out good, so you can enjoy some peach pies this winter. I'm sure they will be great. Got to check out an antique shop in downtown Boone today on the way back from eating lunch. Saw some great things, but did not buy anything. I am enjoying my time in the mountains this week. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Well I love a great bargain..and man you just can't win with cameras sometime.;) have a wonderful wednesday.;)