Saturday, July 31, 2010

There's No Place Like Home!!!

Isn't it the truth? We had a wonderful time at the beach. Our youngest daughter who is 21 joined us for one day and night. That was a treat. The weather was wonderful, about 10 degrees cooler than here and that great ocean breeze. I read, read and read some more. We have been going there for 5 or 6 years and I learned a long time ago to get a library card wherever we are staying and not tote heavy books. I am so glad that my husband and I have the same idea of what makes a great vacation, no stress, enjoy the sun and water, read, eat well and go treasure hunting when the mood hits us:)

It was odd though in a way, after about 4 nights we started talking about how we missed our comfortable bed (though the one we had was adequate), wondering how our cat was doing, wondering what was going on with this new blog, missing our farmer's market.....we were missing the familiar, our routines, our friends. So we decided to come home early. We did, something we would never have done years ago. The times they are changing. Every year it seems like more work to me. Packing the stuff, packing the car, unpacking the car, unpacking the stuff, grocery shopping there, then doing it all in reverse and coming home and washing everything and putting it away. My husband says that vacation just doesn't hold the thrill it did when we were working and left home to get away from it all. With retirement we have built a life that is better than "vacation" in a way. We fill our days with doing so much of what we love doing so that each day is a joy.

Something that I have never taken for granted is that huge and deep sigh that wells up in me as we pull into the driveway and the house is still standing, and we are home again. We are safe and God has blessed us with another good memory. What more can we ask?

I went to two of the shops yesterday and things have picked up everywhere in July. The owners tell me they expect an annual slow down in August with people getting their kids ready to go back to school. I am going to switch out the majority of my stuff and put in Fall. I have already changed one booth to mostly browns and yellows and people are buying it. Maybe we are all ready to put this heat behind us and bring on the pumpkins. I am! I love living in NC where we have four seasons. I thrill with the beginning of each one and love changing out my booths and my home to greet the season.

Come visit with me anytime. Leave me a comment and let me know if you agree with my findings or if you see it differently. It is a treat to hear from you!


  1. Terri,
    Bill and I were just saying the same thing about Vacation! It's so nice to get away and do different things, but I DO SO love the feeling that I have when we pull in our driveway. I guess it is so true...There's no place like Home! We missed our routine, our cats, family and even our food. LOL!!
    So nice and cool here today! We'll talk soon!!
    Glad you're home!


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog and for also sending me an email. I am excited to learn about Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove. That is not far from me. I would love to drive up there one day. Is it open 7 days a week? I love to thrift shop and antique, so that place is just right up my alley. You are doing great with your blog. I went back to your first post and read them all. I know how you feel about learning to do all the technical things. I thought I would never learn how to post pictures, do links, etc., but hang in there, you will learn eventually. I have cheat sheets to help me do things, but I have finally learned to do most things from memory. There are still so many things that I don't know, but I am not in this as a business, just for fun. I hope I can get up to see your booth sometime at Just Plain Country. That would be fun!!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Thanks to you Melinda and Shari for stopping by to visit. JPC is open five days a week, Tuesday-Friday 10-6 and Saturday 10-5. There are 150 of us putting stuff out for sale at one time or another. Two huge floors of treasures to choose from. I am located close to the check out on the first floor. Just ask any of the staff there where Terri's booth is and they will be glad to show you. You will find a bargain for sure and memories, they are free and will fill your mind and heart. Go when you have lots of time, wear comfortable shoes and just enjoy to your heart's content.