Monday, July 5, 2010

During and After the Fourth

Yesterday was a day of remembering for me. None of my children were home for the holiday which didn't bother me at all until about 5:00 pm and then the pity party began. I started thinking about how it seemed that everyone I knew had their kids close by in the same town and how everyone had to be having a cook out and how everyone were seeing their grandkids and how at least some people still had their parents and then the memories came flooding in. I remembered taking the girls to see fireworks year after year, sitting on the hood of the car and blankets and all the good times we had traveling over mountains and valleys to take the kids to my parents home in the woods. I remembered how my Dad would build a small fire and teach the kids to blow on the tiny flame to make it grow and how he would cut a stick for them to roast marshmallows and how Mom would cook our favorite foods and buy popsicles for all the grandchildren. The kids loved it, being in the country, having a real fire, getting filthy and eating until they could pop. My Mom and Dad passed away over twenty years ago but in my mind the memories are as vivid as though it was just last year. So I allowed myself to feel the grief thinking of times that cannot ever be again. My husband and I set on the sofa and talked for a long time about what we remember and what we miss even now. And then, as we often do, we started counting our blessings. All of that helped me get through the evening and then I picked up a book I had been wanting to read for a long time. It was just right for what I needed. I read for several hours and then I started planning my week in my head. I reminded myself that when I woke up this morning I would be returning to a regular schedule and that I had plenty to do to keep me both happy and busy.

We went to Winston this morning, did a bit of shopping and ate at Village Tavern. It was so hot we were ready to head home and to A/C. I started pricing items to take to Walnut Cove tomorrow morning. Two beauty shop heads that I will place summer hats on to draw attention to my booth (and trust me they will), linens, old jars, paperweights, antique rusted cookware for candles, blue jars full of marbles, old enameled roster, etc., etc. I am excited to get there, see what's missing, straighten the shelves, visit with the staff and other vendors and see what I can find from the other 149 booths. No, it won't be the same as spending time with my children but it will be another really good day and guess what.....I have a daughter coming next weekend and we will talk, giggle and eat and I will be building new memories!

Life goes on......


  1. I bet you are the kind of person who makes every holiday special. I can just tell that you have the biggest heart. Keep writing!

  2. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I can use both:) Please visit often and know you are always welcome!