Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sale Days Are Here!

Hey everyone!

I got up this morning and headed to Just Plain Country in Walnut Cove, NC. It's about a twenty minute drive for me. It was already in the 80's and you could just tell it was about to get a lot hotter. I stopped at the Stokes County farmer's market which was set up beside JPC and grabbed some Silver Queen corn and some good looking cucumbers. Then I got busy and put about twenty small items in my two booths and picked up and straightened up from the Saturday crowd. People tend to unfold and examine quilts and linens and then just bunch them up and put them back on the shelf. Not good...sure adds wrinkles:( As soon as I finished my chores and fun with the spaces I started looking around to see what was new since last week. There were two vendors there putting things in their booths and one new vendor moving in. I can't believe it but I am grateful that I didn't buy a thing. I was tempted by a hooked rug for my kitchen that was marked from $40 to $10.....that is always enough to tempt me but the colors weren't really right so I passed.

I stopped at Germanton Antique Mall for just a few minutes and visited with a vendor that was changing out her entire booth. She does this about once a month and is so talented with her use of maybe 3 main colors and one theme. This month's them is country living and she had a small cabinet with punched tin door inserts and then she strung a clothes line and hung bib shorts (denim) and a red top and a yellow linen. She did the entire space in red/blue/yellow....lamps, pitchers, pictures, etc. Too cute. I could never do it because I have a larger space everywhere and probably have 100 or more items in each one.

It was a great morning to be out and about but I was glad to get home before it hit 97 and enjoy the a/c and catch up on some more things here.

I am getting excited to start on the picture taking this weekend and show you all a few things I want to share. Thank you for stopping in to visit with me and being patient waiting for the pictures to show up.


  1. Morning Terri...sounds like you have a busy exciting life...I'd love to see some of your treasures in your booths...my sister use to have a booth in an antique mall and it was always a treat for me to help her decorate it. When you said you stopped and got some Silver Queen corn oh that brought back so many memories for me...my uncle use to grow acres of Silver Queen to sell at the farmers market and every year he'd bring us a truck load...lordy it seemed like it took us forever to shuck all that pretty corn...but mama always had over 200 quarts of the thickest cream corn in our huge chest freezer each year...I still have the old corn cutter she used!

    I have 5 grown kids and they all live close by so I see them each week..girl I don't know what I'd do if they all lived far away...I couldn't be as brave as you..I'd be shedding tears all the time! lol I remember when my oldest daughter and her family moved to Oklahoma for for nearly 6 years...oh how I missed her..so I know how you feel looking forward to your daughter visiting you in a few days. Thanks so much for coming by and visiting...you'll get the hang of adding pictures in no time..take care my friend and have a glorious week! ~Picket~

  2. Sounds like you are just about the busiest person around. Great fun though.
    Thanks for stopping by and your gracious comments. You asked about Horchow. They are an online store, just type Horchow.com and it will come up. Fabulous, wonderful things, but rather expensive unless they are having a sale. Fun to look at and drool anyway. Thanks again. Hugs, Marty

  3. Marty and Picket,

    It was so good to hear from the two of you today to know that you can relate to me and took the time to visit.

    Thanks so much!