Wednesday, July 21, 2010

You Never Know What A Day Will Bring !!

I got up this morning and headed to the Farmer's Market ( I really was craving tiny yellow cherry tomatoes). I was so disapointed that there were none. I headed on over to Curves and low and behold there was a box of the tomatoes sitting right there on the table. I had never seen any food at Curves before and so I asked why they were there. The answer was that one of the women had brought them in to share and that was the last box and therefore must be mine. I was beaming.....funny how good yet humbling when a wish (a very small prayer is answered) but it gets better. I asked who brought them so I could thank her. Get this, she is my neighbor and I had never met her. She lives about 7 houses down the road. I thanked her and she asked enough questions to figure out which house is mine. She told me she had more tomatoes than she could ever use and was bringing a bag to my front porch today. She told me how my house was sitting on old farm land and about the man the street is named after had passed away many years ago and all sorts of history about this area. It made my day. I wonder what it says about me that a small container of tomatoes, meeting a neighbor and hearing about what happened before I got here could make my day? Whatever it says, I am glad it doesn't a lot to lift my spirits and make me glad I am alive.

Now, on to treasures.....this is an old dough has been repaired on one side and the work is done very well with an old piece of metal. People never threw away much a hundred years ago, it was patched, used and passed on. Have you ever wanted one??? It's a bargain and it's lovely.


  1. What a great story - funny how the things we need (like your cherry tomatoes) can just appear when we need them - if we believe! I think it's a great thing that "small things" can lift your spirits and I think that's a mark of wisdom, myself... anyway, I love the dough bowl and I think that the day will come again when we spend less and less time throwing things away and more and more time fixing them - don't you?

    So is your dough bowl for sale? How much are you asking for it?

  2. I think we (at least some of us) are already there, learning to patch and made do and save again.

    Dough bowl $125 plus shipping.

    Thanks for asking and for stopping by:)