Thursday, July 8, 2010

Longaberger Basket Sale...Going Cheap!!

If you love Longaberger Baskets you will be happy to hear this!! I was a consultant for Longaberger several years ago and in order to remain active you had to order a couple of baskets per month. Before you knew it, I had baskets everywhere. This Saturday I am going to have a front porch sale of Longaberger baskets and pottery to thin out my collection. I have advertised on Craig's List and posted that this is not your normal yard sale that I will only have baskets and pottery by Longaberger plus some quilts and maybe a Jim Shore piece or two. I have had five people contact me for particular baskets. I don't have a clue if anyone will actually show up for the sale. The baskets are not as well known in this area as they are in the Midwest but those of us that love them, really love them. The quality is superb and you can spot one 500 feet away! I am selling at wholesale or below with prices starting at $10. You may not live anywhere close to King, NC but if you are hunting for a particular basket and willing to pay shipping, please let me hear from you!

Special thanks to you who have visited my blogs and especially to those who took the time to leave me a comment. What a treat to have you tell me where I can buy beautiful items that are on your blog!!

I hope you are keeping as cool as you can during these long and hot summer days.



  1. I love longaberger baskets..I have about 30 or so and some of the wrought iron and the it..use it you happen to have any of the little purse like picnic baskets with lids...they were from a long time ago..I gave one to my little sister when she had her first baby and told her to put his foot prints inside the lid and put his little treasures in it so she could give it to his future wife someday..well she has since had 2 more and I would love to find 2 more just like it..its been 12 years since I gave her the last one..i don't think they make them any more..oh if you are heading this way due to the weather..go north..we live in Washington state across the water from Seattle..;) see you soon..:)

  2. I know just what you mean and what a wonderful keepsake they make. I don't have one though I am sorry to say. I will check with some people and if I locate one I will let you know.

    I was afraid it was going to be a long trip....if only you were just up the road:) Your blog is wonderful, thank you for it!