Monday, July 12, 2010

First Picture, More coming!!

Can't wait to show you the first picture of a hand made Yo-Yo placemat, it measures approximately 12x18, each one is beautiful, they price at $15 each and you will love them! Only 6 are available. Shipping is extra but should be minimal.

I am only learning to use the camera today.....please be patient (and say a prayer for my daughter that is teaching me:)


  1. Hey- this looks great, Mom. You learned the camera thing very well. Looking forward to seeing more. Did you know you could click on the icons next to the time at the end of the post? I think that will send it to Facebook, twitter, etc. Keep up the good work! It was so good to see you. You are an incredible woman, you know? So there. ;)

  2. Thanks, DB, especially for the photo tutoring. You have the patience of a good/great teacher.

  3. You have so many wonderful things to share too - and sell. Just wait until the people who visit get to see all of the treasures you'll be putting up here eventually for sale! (you are going to be selling things here, yes?)

    We had such fun when we worked together at your antiques store, didn't we??

    love, d

  4. We have had some of the best of times in lots of different places. I appreciate all you have taught me in 42 years!